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Welcome to Corner Gulch

Corner Gulch is located in the corner of a gulch and is home to more than 20,000 people according to the 2000 census and less than 1,000 according to the 2010 census. Corner Gulch was founded in 1991 by an earthquake that occurred sometime between 

dusk and dawn that caused a flood that a formed a gulch in the corner of your country. 

Our city's main industry is manufacturing television antennas. The town is also a popular destination for tourists seeking out very narrow caves. The town motto is "Hammer Deep, Live Hard."

Lindsey lives in East Gulch, on Hawthorne St. in the house with the tallest windows and the most expensive doors. It's sometimes described as a Tudor and a Victorian but also sometimes a ranch. 

Lindsey is home from "work" today due to getting arrested for vaping in a DSW, again.  

Lindsey believes in self-care. Yoga is a great way to stay balanced in the hectic world of being a mom to three or maybe five children. 

On Wednesday nights she can be found coordinating the PTA happy hour at The Last Resort tiki bar.

Lindsey is sometimes described as the glue of the neighborhood because that's sometimes what she sniffs. 


Jax lived in Lower West End Gulch until eleven o'clock this morning. Jax has lived in nine rooms, three couches and one drain pipe in the last three months.


They went to an alternative high school and five years after "graduating" they decided it was time to stop riding the rails. One night while running through a screen door on salvia they had an epiphany. Their destiny was to get certified in bike handle safety. They opened their own storefront called HandlingBars which ultimately got shut down by the FDA because they thought it was a front for selling illegal mustache wax.

Jax hasn't quite found their footing in life yet, but they promise if you let them crash on your couch they'll lock the doors this time.


Chet Stone lives in the the Warehouse District on the outskirts of town.

Chet doesn't have a birth certificate and doesn't know where Chet came from, but Chet got Chet's name off a misprinted box of Chex cereal. Chet read good. 

Chet strong, Chet feels good, but sometimes Chet is alone. Chet maybe wants a family one day but there's too many things to learn. Where does the mouthguard go? What spray cleans blood off counters?  How do you cook with dumbbell? Chet doesn't know. 



The mission of Corner Gulch is to create a life for its citizens where they can freely exist without the limitations of a heteronormative, patriarchal society

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